About Us

What is LeSuq?
Taken from the word 'souq' (traditional form of marketplace in the middle east), LeSuq brings the flavour and energy of the marketplace to Ottawa and beyond! LeSuq brings the world-class cuisine and hospitality and infuses it with familiar Canadian flavours. Take our Maplelawa for example: instead of using honey, we use Canadian maple syrup to make our signature, one of a kind baklava.
Anything from specialty food to beautiful art pieces are on display. We specialize in all things delicious and unique. Serving a wide range of coffees, teas, drinks, sweets, pies, and more. We have a ready to eat section, a sandwich bar, a coffee bar, and a plant & flower shop. Sit outside and sip your drink or sit in our lounge to admire our gallery of art showcased by local artists.
lesuq storefront